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If you are looking for musicians or groups that perform Dan Fogelberg's music, Fogelberg Foundation of Peoria fully endorses the following artists and musicians!  These artists have performed for our Celebration Weekends as our featured entertainment, and provide an amazing variety of songs from throughout Dan's career.  Please contact these artists directly for tribute show booking information, and look for newly endorsed musicians and groups here soon!


The Don Campbell Band

The Don Campbell Band was the featured entertainment for our 2013 Celebration Weekend in Peoria, IL, and again in 2016 in Portland, ME. On the heels of Don's 2012 release of his double tribute CD to Dan entitled Kites To Fly, Don and his band became our first officially endorsed ambassadors of Dan's music.  Hailing from Portland, ME, you can catch their Fogelberg tribute performance anywhere from Maine, to Tennessee, to Florida.  Check them out at


Bomar and Ritter

Mary Bomar and Bob Ritter have been enchanting our Celebration Weekends from their very first performance of "Wysteria" at the 2011 Memorial Dedication Weekend.  They have performed as both the featured entertainment at several Celebration Weekends over the years, as well as being asked by other artists to be special guests.  Based in southern Indiana, they regularly perform all over the Midwest and East Coast areas.  Complete information on Bomar and Ritter is available through their website at

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