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2023 Update!

March 27, 2023

It's that time of year again, time to let everyone know about this year's plans for Fogelberg Foundation of Peoria!

We hope that you will take a few minutes to read the following announcement, and check back soon for further updates.

Susan Sands.jpg

First, we'd like to introduce you to Susan Sands, a Dan Fogelberg fan from Del Mar, CA.  In January of 2022, Ms. Sands passed away after a brief illness, and soon after, Fogelberg Foundation of Peoria was named as one of ten charitable organizations set to receive a portion of her estate.  Her incredibly generous gift arrived shortly before the end of December, 2022, and has been properly invested with an asset management firm that will help nurture and guide our use of these funds.  Details of this new partnership will be announced soon, as well as a few new projects that will benefit immediately from Susan's generosity.  After speaking with Susan's family and friends, we are learning that Dan's music captured her heart at an early age, and remained an important part of her life throughout the remainder of her 65 years.  Fogelberg Foundation of Peoria will honor Susan's memory by continuing to celebrate Dan's musical legacy

Because of Susan's incredibly generous gift, Fogelberg Foundation of Peoria is planning on a period of restructuring and an extensive update to our website that we feel is necessary to place our organization on the best path going forward.  For this reason, we are not planning any kind of formal , in-person gathering in Peoria this year.  Instead, we want everyone to mark their calendars for August 9, 10 and 11 , 2024 so everyone can join in Peoria to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dan's breakout album, Souvenirs!  We sincerely hope that the wait will make our 2024 gathering easier for everyone to plan for with so much advanced notice, and all the more special once we are together again.

Online Auction!

T-shirt Sale.jpg

Tomorrow, September 1st, marks the beginning of a seven-day online auction presented by Fogelberg Foundation of Peoria.  This auction is a fundraising event aimed at helping us add to our newly created endowment fund, the details of which will be announced very soon.  66 vintage and collectible T-Shirts and other items are being offered with this auction, including many items that were donated by the families of Deb Jelinek and Tamara Schaidle. There will be additional auctions happening later this year that will be announced soon.  FFoP President, Eric Mills, has offered to host the auction through his eBay store, the link for which follows.  Items will not be available for viewing until September 1st.  Thank you for your continuing support of Fogelberg Foundation of Peoria, and happy bidding!

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